Siliceous slurry waterproofing solution

Mô tả chi tiết

Siliceous slurry waterproofing solution. SMART-100 is a 2-part cementitious waterproofing solution which contains silicate, silica sand and styrene-synthetic rubber copolymerized emulsion. Polymer compound penetrates into the microscopic pores of concrete surface and fills them up tightly.

Tiêu chuẩn

Fulfils the requirements of KS F 4918 (Cement mixed siliceous powder waterproof coatings)

Ưu điểm

Maximizing the waterproofing performance of concrete surface

Alkali resistance, Chemical resistance

Eco-Friendly : Water-based, Odorless

Good adhesion to the sound surfaces (Concrete, masonry, mortar)

Ứng dụng

For waterproofing of Water purification plant, Dam(barrage) and Reservoir

For waterproofing of Tank (Water storage tank, Sewage treatment plant, Wastewater treatment tanks)

For waterproofing of Pool, Tank for drinking water

For waterproofing on internal/external concrete structure

Dữ liệu sản phẩm

Mixing ratio: Part A: Water: Part B = 1kg: 3.5kg: 12.5kg

Recommending dosage: 0.6~0.8kg/m2 for 1st coat, 0.8~1.0kg/m2 for 2nd coat (Dosage might be changed according to the projects)

Compressive strength: 3.282 N/cm2

Bond strength: 202 N/cm2

Water absorption: 0.4g

Thông số

Mixing Ratio:                    Part A : Water : Part B = 1kg : 3.5kg : 12.5kg

Recommending Dosage:   0.6 ~0.8 kg/m2 for 1st coat, 0.8 ~ 1.0 kg/m2 for 2nd coat (Dosage might be changed according to the projects.)

Compressive strength:       3,282 N/㎠

Bond Strength:                 202 N/㎠

Water absorption:              0.4g

Cơ chế chống thấm

Thi công

1. Substrate preparation: Concrete, mortar and masonry surfaces must be clean, free from laitance, grease oil and loosely adhering particles. Make the surface smooth.

2. Mixing: The 2 parts and water should be mixed well for 3~5 minutes minimum with an electric hand mixer. The mixing ratio must be 1: 3.5: 12.5 by weight (1kg : 3.5kg :12.5 kg). According to the condition of worksite and weather, the mixing ratio of water can be adjusted, but the excessive amounts of water should not be over 5%. Prior to adding powder, the emulsion and water must be mixed first.

3. Application: Apply the 1st coat of SMART-100 uniformly with roller, and leave the coat until it is hardened for about 24 hours at the temperature above 20℃. After then apply the 2nd coat. If the 1stcoat is dry well (below 8% of surface moisture contents) within 24 hours, the 2nd coat might be applied under the approval of supervisor. While applying the 2nd coat, the 1st coat shouldn’t be damaged. (If another coat will be applied over the overdried previous coat, such as is dried for more than 48 hours, water should be sprayed before the additional application.)

4. Curing: After applied, keep the surface wet for 2 days.

Note: In the windy weather and high temperature conditions after finishing application, fully sprinkle water on the surface for waterproofing coating 2 times per a day.

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